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Do you desire the relaxation of a shell of kava without the mess and wait of a traditional squeeze?

You have found your answer: Quick Kava Premium.

An instant kava made from the juice of fresh, all-noble-variety rootstock, Quick Kava sets the standard for what an instant kava should be. A true instant, not merely micronized root, with a high solubility factor, to leave you with a solution, not a muddy suspension, for a drink.

An instant kava whose source material is fairly and equitably obtained from the villages that produce and grow it. An instant that is the result of years of experimentation and constant reworking of the production process to achieve the absolute finest ratio of strength-to-taste we could imagine. An insant kava whose experience is so much closer to an actual fresh kava shell than a true squeeze from dry powder, it will leave you stunned. So smoothe, you may not believe it is an instant.

That is Quick Kava Premium. There is only one. Beware of imitators.

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